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Fighting a Logging “Epidemic” in Vermont’s Roadless Forests

The US Forest Service is exploiting a loophole in the Roadless Rule to back misguided management plans, say activists.

Will wrote in Earth Island Journal about protecting the Green Mountain National Forest against logging and about restoring wild, public lands in New England.

“There’s really kind of an epidemic of roadless logging in both New Hampshire and Vermont, in the White Mountain and Green Mountain National Forests,” says Zack Porter of Standing Trees. “Many thousands of acres at this point have been targeted. And many miles of roads have been punched into some of the wildest landscapes that we have in New England.”

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Sure I Got Hope

sure i got hope
sure i got hope
sure i got hope at the end of the world


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climate change and more in the hudson valley

I love the Hudson Valley, NY. Always have, always will. It is where I come from, and I am deeply connected to it.

The Hudson Valley, like the rest the country and the world, is already experiencing the effects of climate change. Read about the experiences of Hudson Valley farmers in The River.

For more on the Hudson Valley, listen to our conversation on end talk with fellow Hudson Valley native and writer Rob Rubsam, covering the region’s connection to NYC, the role of gentrification here especially during COVID, and more.

obama, no hero…and neither is cuomo

Check out the last issue of end talk: “Obama, no hero.”
In issue 4 we reflect on Obama’s fraught legacy, Walter Benjamin’s “angel of history,” the Permian-Triasic mass extinction, a great episode of The Twilight Zone, some interesting wikipedia entries, and more.
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And for an excellent op-ed regarding Cuomo and NY’s response to Covid-19, see The River: “The Undeserved Myth of Andrew Cuomo, Pandemic Hero.”


hottest year


This year, 2020 is on track to be as hot or hotter than the hottest year on record (2016). The second hottest year on record is 2019.

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Abel & Cain

Abel & Cain

I Abel & my brother Cain
I know he’ll be coming around again
running his mouth again

Meeting at the bottom of the sewage well
Say hey man I didnt tell you I not been doing so good
I just cant get away from the horrible smell

Saw Abel and his brother Cain
at the mouth of the lake by the cemetery
To watch the fish flop their heads above the waves
And the water rushing into the parking lot
Abel, Cain said, It smells like shit

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