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What I want to say, in terms of what’s going on nationwide and globally, you need to understand that what’s happening now – most of the violence is coming from the police. People are rising up because of systemic racism, police brutality, and systems of oppression. The narrative coming from the right is NOT what is happening. Peaceful, unarmed protesters and reporters are getting tased, shot, beaten, thrown to the ground, and gassed by police. Police officers are instigating riots and allowing violence to happen, while also doing it themselves. They are decked out in riot gear and military equipment for majority *peaceful* protests. I mean you saw NYPD drive SUVs into a crowd of protestors. Again, most of the violence is coming from the police.

Witnesses Say Vallejo, CA Man Killed by Police Was on His Knees with Hands Up

National guard and MPD sweeping residential street, Minneapolis

Black Sacramento Teen Recovering After Being Shot in Face with Rubber Bullet

‘Kettling’ of Peaceful Protestors Shows Aggressive Shift by N.Y. Police

That is the main point. Another point to be made is that – in regards to any looting, vandalism, violence that comes from protestors. Again, the police are playing their part – the main part. Literally, you can’t have a “skirmish between protestors and police” without the police, and they are the ones with the f*cking batons. But also – it’s like physics – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You have I don’t know how many years of systemic racism and oppression, it is going to come out – a lot of protestors who don’t necessarily “condone the violence” understand it, because working class, non-white people have been subjugated for decades, the system is broken—it was corrupt from the start, and it needs to be changed. 

And we can’t wait. DT emboldens actions like this by police and white supremacists, etc. Again these are facts, not matters of opinion.

Army’s 82nd Airborne, Armed with Fixed Bayonets, Deploys to Washington, D.C.

Protests Near White House Met by Unmarked, Heavily Armed Riot Officers

Trump Builds a Wall Around the White House Amid Mass Protests

Furthermore, I am completely overwhelmed by volunteer medics and people organizing action. Many have been doing the important work – not trying to work (solely) within the system. There is going to have to be breakdown for there to be something better; there’s just no other way; the systems of oppression are too great, the distribution of power, the way things are set up. We need a way to affect change and be safe, well, sane.

So what happens next, now – where does it go? Physics continues – people continue to rise up, they organize and take more action, and the police / those in power / the systems of oppression further entrench, double down, become more extreme. How do these opposite forces not keep climbing separately and together? Each pushes the other. The urgency for change only increases, in the midst of a health crisis, economic crisis, and climate crisis. Where does it end, or where does it go? 

Democracy Now!, May & June 2020