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yesterday morning
i could hear woodpeckers
but i couldn’t see them
there are rainbows in my heart
and my mind feels like glass

the wind’s high in the trees
sky is blue
there are early spring flowers coming up already in my hometown
a wee patch of snowdrops
it’s not even valentine’s day yet 
what happens when there is no winter?
does it not also mean that there is no spring, summer, or fall? 

i am dancing at the edge
twinkle lights and lit christmas trees & garland
even porch lights and lamps look like
holiday lights suspended in this fog

green sage

stayed green all winter
against all odds
reminds me of

gratitude is healing
i’m trying to take my treatment

put myself outside
to get washed in the rain

driving to petrolia
hills trees coast fog

Celebrating 1 year of SAFB!

Check out the anniversary issue of my newsletter, Sundays are for baking – with a chocolate & almond biscotti recipe, a new poem, and a collection of some of my favorite issues from the past year! Such as:

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lots of clouds but also
bright moon
a thick sliver

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between the sun and the moon
who governs me?
see the planets
red blue and green yellow