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“october at home”

the cat and dog are sunning themselves on the porch. some other, more wild animal is rummaging about in the leaves in the yard. they are dry and noisy, being this time of year. the cat’s ears swivel at the sound, but she doesn’t really move. the dog’s eyes are closed and she’s in the spot for optimal sun. the cat snuggles more into herself.

i can hear the train whistling from behind me, past glen place. i’m losing sun in my seat, the wind is blowing slightly, and some leaves are falling. the sky is completely, perfectly, absolutely blue. no clouds. trucks and cars rumble faintly in the distance, coming from ravensdale or the saw mill or further off. the noise combines with the rushing sound of wind. occasionally punctuated by an acorn banging on a deck or lawn chair at our house or the neighbor’s.

a contractor’s van goes by. up the street something sounds like it cracks or pops under its wheel. cleo rouses. in a sphinx pose her eyes get heavy again. the cat is looking at her. something still rummages in the yard.

look at

farm houses in the pink distance
i’m sick of grasping at straws

one light on one light off
deer or small cows in the foreground


each time i ask
              are we really going on with it?
this time

              we can’t go through it like that though
that’s going about it
all the wrong way

a carlight glimmers in the mush

reflection of a windmill
            spinning very fast
in non-traditional shape of modern building’s window

how can the sun set so fast?
it must be heavy
in the sky

you come to me
your breath smelling of cheese
            smoked gouda and cheddar
say you need a hug

we are the mice
and the world is the big strong beast
with the thorn stuck in its paw

we are the night
and its valiant protector
the earth

we are the silence between pauses
and the sentient

sky white against black trees
try as you might to get back here
seems such a trial just to say it
but there’s our bed and I made it

what a beautiful thing
the way the sun comes in
through the bathroom window
in the middle of the day when you’re

feel the fire licking my feet and
the wind sweeping around my ears