“october at home”

by cleothedog

the cat and dog are sunning themselves on the porch. some other, more wild animal is rummaging about in the leaves in the yard. they are dry and noisy, being this time of year. the cat’s ears swivel at the sound, but she doesn’t really move. the dog’s eyes are closed and she’s in the spot for optimal sun. the cat snuggles more into herself.

i can hear the train whistling from behind me, past glen place. i’m losing sun in my seat, the wind is blowing slightly, and some leaves are falling. the sky is completely, perfectly, absolutely blue. no clouds. trucks and cars rumble faintly in the distance, coming from ravensdale or the saw mill or further off. the noise combines with the rushing sound of wind. occasionally punctuated by an acorn banging on a deck or lawn chair at our house or the neighbor’s.

a contractor’s van goes by. up the street something sounds like it cracks or pops under its wheel. cleo rouses. in a sphinx pose her eyes get heavy again. the cat is looking at her. something still rummages in the yard.